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Re: [Odoo] accounting roadmap v9: a survey and a doodle

Nhomar Hernandez
- 07/19/2014 00:41:33

2014-07-18 11:16 GMT-04:30 De Paoli Quentin <>:
We'd like also to organize a 2 days session in belgium where we would present our analyze on "how we should improve Odoo Accounting" and our roadmap for v9. I made a doodle where, if you're interested in being part of this session and discuss our analyze, you can register you availability: If enough people are interested, we will organize this and more information will be communicated at this time.


Remotely is good, but IMHO 2 days is to little time. Explain all things done by us in 4 years of development is too hard.

May be if we decide or Qdp propose some efficient way to pre-share our view and then discuss the correct and right way to re-write them generic can help.

Another thing that REALLY worry me is that you have almost 100% of data model PERFECT, accounting in general need to become is more consistent in terms of become an Accounting API, from a technical and usability PoV.

Some time ago @mga wrote a post (I couldnt find it) where he exposed a PoV of build the new accounting system as a "perfect" accounting "Api" where all basic transactions has business meaning in terms of accounting I really like this vision, but documentations and some points opn his vision never comes out.

@qdp when you can please propose a set of ways where we can share our vision of how thing should improve the "local" collaborations to ensure have an stronger base.

Some things we need understand is that some times we need complicated things to give extraordinary results, over-simplify the new accounting can bring more problems than solutions just be care of that.


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