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RE: Mailing-list testing feedback

CYM - Choose Your Model, Yves MALATESTA
- 07/17/2014 04:45:50
Hi Oliver,


thanks a lot.




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De : Olivier Dony []
Envoyé : jeudi 17 juillet 2014 01:54
À : Community
Objet : Mailing-list testing feedback


Hi everyone,


Quick feedback about the testing phase for the Odoo mailing-lists:


- All unsubscription requests have been processed

- Mailing-list messages now have a dedicated footer with links to the archives 

and the page where you can unsubscribe

- The unsubscribe procedure has been improved

- Mailing-list messages are now sent "To:" the list address, to avoid confusing 

them with personal messages


More improvements will be coming in the future, especially on the archives and 

subscription pages. Do not hesitate to send us your feedback!





PS: there has been no auto-subscription, all list members have explicitly 

clicked on "Subscribe" or "Follow", somewhere, at some point ;-)

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