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Tax calculation for tax included in price

Almighty Consulting Services, Turkesh Patel
- 04/27/2017 01:43:36


We are trying to use two taxes 4% and 1% included in price. But we are not getting expected result.( we want if both get applied it should give result same as 5% included)

--> Lets take item of 100$ and it we apply

     tax 4% it gives result                           3.85 (as expected)
     tax 1% it gives result                           0.95 (as expected)
     tax 5% it gives result                           4.76 (as expected)
     tax 5% + tax 1% it gives result             4.83 (expected:4.76)

     But if we apply 4% and 1% same time it gives 4.83 and we expect 4.76.

(we want both separate lines so not want to use 5% tax directly otherwise it gives expected result.)

Any solution for this? Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,

Turkesh Patel

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