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Re: SEEKING: Methods to secure financial data, while sharing root server and admin/master Odoo accounts??

Elico Corporation, Eric Caudal
- 02/02/2017 00:26:19

Not that I am aware of.

We have the same issue for HR payroll sensitive data.

An initiative was started by @lasley ( and closed for the reasons explained in the PR (mostly complexity and danger of the implementation).

Only solution so far on my side is strong trust of the admin and secured NDA

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On 02/02/2017 12:36 PM, Ray Carnes wrote:

Hi everyone,


We have a requirement to protect financial data (Reports and access to the full General Ledger) but also share the ADMIN Odoo user, Odoo master password and Root Server password with an IT department responsible for maintaining the Odoo server.


Is there a way to protect the data in Odoo and PostgreSQL, knowing that we can’t restrict access to the Odoo ADMIN, MASTER and Server ROOT accounts?


I can’t think of a way that can be ‘undone’ with ADMIN, MASTER and/or ROOT accounts.


(Odoo 10 Enterprise – Odoo and PostgreSQL on different servers.)



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