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- 12/01/2016 14:00:16
Property fields are just like normal fields except you can have a different value per company (for example, the cost price of a product could be different per company, particularly if the company currencies are different) while sharing the same underlying record - so for a product category, you can have a single product category available across multiple companies but have different accounting rules for each company.

The account properties are used when you have inventory valuation based on perpetual - this is sometimes referred to as anglo-saxon accounting. Each time you do a stock move a journal entry is created that reduces the value of inventory. The other side of the entry is a control account in the balance sheet that is then offset when you process an invoice.

So the standard COST entries are

For a sale

From the stock move
DR  Stock Output Account
CR  Stock Valuation (Inventory)

From the invoice line
DR Expense
CR Stock Output Account

Also the sale income uses the Income Account

For a purchase

From the stock move
DR Stock Valuation
CR Stock Input Account

From the invoice
DR Stock Input
CR Creditors (posted at the invoice level)

You do have the option not to use perpetual accounting. If so, at the end of each period you work out your inventory value, goods delivered not invoiced (at cost), goods received not invoiced and make appropriate journal adjustments to give you a correct profit figure.

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              I’m using odoo10. Any one explain me about ‘Account Properties’ & ‘Account Stock Properties’ in ‘Product Categories’

              I don’t know what value I should enter in

Account Properties
Price Difference Account
Income Account
Expense Account


Account Stock Properties
Stock Input Account
Stock Output Account
Stock Valuation Account
Stock Journal




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