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OCA 2016 Community Survey

Daniel Reis
- 11/29/2016 15:11:27

Hello all,

For those who are not aware, the Odoo Community Association (OCA) is an non profit organization created to promote the widespread use of Odoo and support the collaborative development of Odoo features.

Many of you may be aware of all the collaboration effort taking place on Github and addons published on the App store.
If you are not, please take a moment to explore our website:

We work for the benefit of all the community, regardless if you are a member or not.
And we are always looking to do better and reach farther.

For that we need your help to find what we are doing right, what needs improvement, and what we should start doing.
This is why we are releasing the OCA 2016 Community Survey.
Please help us to help the community, and spend five minutes answering our survey.

You can find it here:

Take your time on the open ended questions to give us your opinion and suggestions.
All opinions are important!

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Daniel Reis
OCA Board