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Re: Product Variant on POS

- 11/28/2016 19:33:56

I think you can go with MRP module with these steps as below

1. create a product
2. create ingredients (as a product also)
3. create bill of materials for product with type is "ship this product ...", then add "components" for product
4. go to point of sale to sell your product
5. look at stock.picking which is related to you pos order, you will see the stock of all components are reduced instead of your product

for the price, you can write a function to get the price from all components if needed

hope it helps :)


On Nov 29, 2016, at 12:20 AM, Business Erp <> wrote:

Shall we add attribute to a product without creating a variant?

Consider a pizza. It is a product and the toppings are extra attribute. Do we really need to create a variant for this?

How to manage this situation on the Odoo POS?

Any help would be appreciated guys.

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