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Re: Set location priority on products

Apertoso, Jos De Graeve
- 11/23/2016 12:14:07
Hi Rudy,

By default each customer has a virtual stock location 'Virtual locations/Customers'.  The procurement rules in odoo specify how a need for products to your customer propagates throughout the system. Needs for "Virtual locations/Customers" triggers a delivery from 'Physical locations/Stock'.

What you can do is to set a 'customer' stock location per region, lets say 'Virtual locations/Customers Spain', and modify your procurement rules so a product need there  triggers stock transfers  from stock location "Stock ABC" and so on.

Unfortunately the procurement system in odoo is not well documented and it can get complex very quickly.  You will need an experienced guy to set this up, or be prepared  to invest the time to figure things out on your own. 

If you want to avoid the hassle of setting the right stock location per customer, you can use automated actions to take care of this.


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2016-11-22 16:17 GMT+01:00 Rudi Grosberg <>:


Need some suggestion how to handle the below in Odoo 10

We have 3 warehouses and we ship from specific warehouses due to regulations based on different countries. 

We need to be able to set up rules per country on a product level. We have 3 different country as of now

-USA , All EU and rest of the world.

3 warehouses: ABC, MNP  and XYZ

So for example if a customer orders product named "123" and the customer wants it shipped to Spain. The product should be shipped from our ABC warehouse. But if a customer wants the same product "123" shipped to USA it should be shipped from MNP warehouse. If a customer is in Australia and orders "123" it should be shipped from our XYZ warehouse.

If product is out of stock in our ABC warehouse,it should be shipped from MNP warehouse. So some products we can ship from multiple warehouses and some we can only ship from one. 

Can i get some inputs from community how i can handle this scenario in Odoo 10.

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