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[v10 EE&CE] product properties: the use of it or the alternative/workaround/new implementation

Arjan Duijs
- 11/19/2016 10:22:00
In v9 we made heavily use of "properties on lines" to specify the base material to use in production.
To be a bit more clear. We manufacture melamine office furniture, but we have like 4 brands of melamine suppliers and a couple of laminate providers. Each have tons of different colors and finishes so you can imagine if we were to use variants.

So instead we are using properties. 
so when a certain furniture piece in a certain brand and color is requested, we simply copy the BoM, change the melamine line and with the property in the sales order line the whole process is started, manufacturing and purchase.
this works great without generating too many products.

However in V10 i cant seem to enable it. In the various configuration screens the settings are stil there

but they dont seem to do anything.

I have tested this both in Community and Enterprise edition.

I dont know if these are "settings which are forgotten to be removed" or there is another way to turn them on?
The weird things is that i can not find any reference anymore in the views as well.

So how is this working now? am i missing something?  or is there a whole different implementation in v10?
Hopefully someone can shed some light on this matter.