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Re: Odoo 11: Services Companies

Jorge Rodríguez
- 11/19/2016 08:53:51

I think that the essential of a service company is that not trade goods. They support their operations in assets and employees. For example: A bank is a service company that intermediate money. The buses and taxis are services companies. They usully charge rates, comissions, service fee. For each ones they need their own process.

I hope this help,


Jorge Rodríguez

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Sent: Friday, November 18, 2016 2:13:04 PM
Subject: Re: Odoo 11: Services Companies


I've seen your email and read the document, it's a good initiative to improve Odoo for service companies, but it's not cover the main need of services company,
I'm already implementing and customizing Odoo for a service company (Engineering Consultation and Services), Also I had done that before, 

First, I have a simple definition for "service companies" (Any company is managing projects which its main cost item is salaries of employees, it's considered a services company and they need timesheet for employees )

According to the above definitions, Services Companies want a system which can provide them the following:-

1- Project Portfolio "-
Which should include (Scope, Billing Plan, Planned Cost, Actual Cost, Planned Revenue, Actual Revenue, Estimate Hours, Actual Time Sheet, Changes Request..etc)

Actual Cost isn't the timesheet cost as per timesheet product , but it's considering the  distribution of employee's salary based approved timeshseet, plus any indirect cost item (General Cost Items, material , Travel cost...etc)

2- HR:-
Timesheet is a very important module, also comparing attendance with timesheet hours,

Leaves may generate auto timesheet, but it's shouldn't generate for unpaid leaves.
Also Take care as it will affect on "diffrece to be approved" feature, which force the employee to adjust diffrence  between attendance and attendance!!

In general, Odoo HR module needs more enhancement.

3- Traffic Management of employees,
As service companies consider the main cost item is salaries of employees, So they want to manage employee's load, also the achievement compared with planned to have a solid KPIs for that item

You can consider the above points as high level Items, still I have more details for every item.
I hope my email adds value to Odoo 11.

Soon,  I will publish a full solution for services companies which include "HR enhancement" also project costing based on Odoo  (Traffic management is phase # 2 for me)

Also I'm ready to share my experience and cases which I faced with service companies specially "Traffic management" with Odoo for version 11, I may write a document during my free time and send it to you Fabien :)


Ahmed Elsaka

Odoo Functional Consultant

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On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 7:27 PM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:

Thanks everyone for the feedback about how to improve Odoo for services companies.
We merged all the feedback in another document here:

We will launch the developments next week and send you a branch to test when it's ready.


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