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Odoo app API migration resources

Brightwave LTD, Jesse Morgan
- 11/19/2016 02:40:35
Hi there,

I have spent the last few weekends painstakingly going through an Odoo app I found for Odoo 9 which won't work, finding broken API calls and patching them.

I am new to Odoo so this has been a great learning experience; however I was wondering if there are any go-to resources for this kind of thing.

When API's are changed, is there a published list of changes, with the old way vs the new way?
Or perhaps is there a list of all the models and their methods, indexed by Odoo version?

I am on Odoo 9, a September build.
The App I am trying to get going says its for Odoo 9; but I suspect two things:

1 - The Odoo point of sale client side implementation was significantly refactored since the intial release of Odoo 9 - which this app was made prior to.

2 - This app is actually non-functional anyway. It says it's for Odoo 9; but from what I can see looks like an incomplete attempt to migrate an Odoo 8 app.

Any help for a budding app builder would be much appreciated!