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Re: v10 sales - send SO online quote / portal templates missing?

Arjan Duijs
- 11/16/2016 17:07:21
Hi Ray,

inline images arent displayed, but i asume you meant  this setting "portal access".
this is enabled, and a customer can registrate itself through the portal and see the porta page in his account.

but i dont see anything in the sales section to view online, nor to communicate with the client through his portal like in 9

When you send a document to a customer (quotation, invoice), your customer will be able to signup to get all his documents, read your company news, check his projects, etc.

2016-11-16 16:56 GMT-05:00 Ray Carnes <>:


The option to activate it has been moved to Settings à General Settings


In Sales à Settings, you will see:






From: Arjan Duijs []
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Subject: v10 sales - send SO online quote / portal templates missing?



While portal is installed and as far as i can see enabled  there is no option in v10 to enable the cust. portal


in V9 there was an option to tick in the sales settings


Customer portal

 Enable customer portal to track orders, delivery and invoices



How is this working in v10?


in the quotations there isnt an option "view quotation online" nor are the email templates there to send the portal link




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