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Re: Odoo 11: Services Companies

Karsten Eberding
- 11/15/2016 18:19:27
Hi Fabien,

this is a great initiaitive. Can you please be a bit more specific regarding use cases you want to cover. Right now, I see a good fit for time & material type services, billed by time sheets. In many cases, you have more complex agreements, SoW's and fixed price contracts. For these, you should consider additional features, mainly in project management. For example:

Support for project planning:
- hierarchical list of tasks and sub-tasks, milestones and deadlines
- management of dependencies between tasks
- management of other dependencies, e.g. availability of customer resources
- risk and issue list, with relations to tasks and milestones
- change management, in case of scope or schedule changes during the project
- various reportings, including calendar (Gantt), total effort, contingencies. Very helpful would be the generation of SoW's based on defined tasks, milestones, and cost calculation, to be used as a proposal

Support for project tracking
- tracking of completion for milestones and deliverables
- tracking of risk and issues, resolutions, responsibilities
- flexible change of plan, allocated resources, identified risks and issues
- sign-off report for milestones and deliverables
- various reportings, including schedule and budget, risk and quality

Do you consider any of these for V11 ?


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15 November 2016 at 21:34

Great initiative. I added as much comments to the doc as I could thing out. 
At least that are major challenges with Odoo any service company experiencing (both ourselves and our customers)

I would say we are putting customer at risk just because all those "assumed to be" features are not available in Odoo. And we prefer to be transparent with customer on what he can expect.

Customer coming to us  saying: "We need timesheets, contracts, Employee Contracts, Expense reinvoicing to customers, and all HR related staff (recruitemnt, onboarding, termination). We read that Odoo has all out of the box."

Than we analyse, train them and show what is available and they see that it is too big investment. And it is not changing from version to version really. Even with Enterprise features it is still a problem.

But anyway, great job so far on Enterprise version, it is becoming more and more interesting to customers.

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15 November 2016 at 19:41

As you might know, one of our priorities for Odoo 11 is to make the user interface perfect for services companies.
When we have a big task, we used to invite the community for workshops in our offices to discuss the specifications
(as we did for inventory, manufacturing and accounting).

This task is a little bit small than the other ones, so we will just work by email.

Here is a draft specification of what we plan to do:
  • easier setup & initial discovery for services companies
  • easier control, dashboard and auto-reminder for timesheets (control of teams & billing rate is a challenge when you deploy timesheets in new companies)
  • project dashboard: billing rates, resource allocation, forecasts vs timesheets, ...
  • better KPIs
  • fix usability issues
Feel free to comment in the above Google doc:
  • Did we forget some critical features?
  • Can we improve some usability stuff?
  • Is it clear (the spec is still draft and was initially internal; probably not very clear)

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