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Re: Odoo 11: Services Companies

Arjan Duijs
- 11/15/2016 14:53:19
I would love to see a more in depth hourly registration system
  • open/close (lock) codes  for writing hours.(locked codes dont show up on the list to choose from)
  • valid from/to hourly codes to use in timesheets. (you can only write hours on that code from date till another date)
  • subcodes for use in projects for example.  9000000 (main project)  90001000 (init fase)  90001020 (init fase - case study)  90002000 (implementation fase) etc etc but still reports under the main project code. (guess a lot like Sap Cats WPS)
  • assign employees to just use certain codes.
  • when filling timesheet, just show the codes he can use at that moment (authorised for)   instead of ALL now.. which is getting very messy
  • billable vs non-billable codes

2016-11-15 14:21 GMT-05:00 Gonzalo Ruzafa <>:
Good initiative Fabien. I will ask the team to contribute.


El mar., 15 nov. 2016 a las 16:01, Karim Boukabbouz (<>) escribió:

Hi Fabien and odoo Team,


This is an excellent idea!


For timesheets, we’ve had some customers request the ability to enter timesheets by the days instead of hours, that would be a nice configurable option to have.

Good luck!


Karim Boukabbouz

Technical Lead

IBS North Africa


From: Fabien Pinckaers []
Sent: mardi 15 novembre 2016 18:42
To: Community <>
Subject: Odoo 11: Services Companies




As you might know, one of our priorities for Odoo 11 is to make the user interface perfect for services companies.

When we have a big task, we used to invite the community for workshops in our offices to discuss the specifications

(as we did for inventory, manufacturing and accounting).


This task is a little bit small than the other ones, so we will just work by email.


Here is a draft specification of what we plan to do:

  • easier setup & initial discovery for services companies

  • easier control, dashboard and auto-reminder for timesheets (control of teams & billing rate is a challenge when you deploy timesheets in new companies)

  • project dashboard: billing rates, resource allocation, forecasts vs timesheets, ...

  • better KPIs

  • fix usability issues

Feel free to comment in the above Google doc:

  • Did we forget some critical features?

  • Can we improve some usability stuff?

  • Is it clear (the spec is still draft and was initially internal; probably not very clear)




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