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Odoo 11: Services Companies

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 11/15/2016 13:40:28

As you might know, one of our priorities for Odoo 11 is to make the user interface perfect for services companies.
When we have a big task, we used to invite the community for workshops in our offices to discuss the specifications
(as we did for inventory, manufacturing and accounting).

This task is a little bit small than the other ones, so we will just work by email.

Here is a draft specification of what we plan to do:
  • easier setup & initial discovery for services companies
  • easier control, dashboard and auto-reminder for timesheets (control of teams & billing rate is a challenge when you deploy timesheets in new companies)
  • project dashboard: billing rates, resource allocation, forecasts vs timesheets, ...
  • better KPIs
  • fix usability issues
Feel free to comment in the above Google doc:
  • Did we forget some critical features?
  • Can we improve some usability stuff?
  • Is it clear (the spec is still draft and was initially internal; probably not very clear)