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Odoo mobile project updates

Mantavya Gajjar (mga)
- 11/14/2016 08:45:06

Dear Community,

We have started the Odoo Mobile project 3 years back, Number of forks, stars, and watches itself says that, this project made a huge success. Also people try to develop new apps and register their issues faced during the development. Approximately there are almost 900+ applications were developed worldwide based on the Odoo Mobile Framework

We released ( the code for mobile framework along with the apps we have developed.

Source Code
The source code for the odoo-rpc-library is now a part of the Framework ( project it self, which is easy to maintain and help getting start working with the new project.

Our main focus for the mobile is hybrid app we have developed and released for Odoo v10, but for Odoo Mobile Framework ( you may propose a pull request for new feature, if it is generic we will merge it.

Bug Fix
If you find any bugs related to the library or framework you can post it on, we may fix the bugs on demand, or review the pull request proposed by the odoo mobile community and process it.

Documentation & Support
You can find the documentation for the Odoo mobile API at, however you may find the community member ( working with the odoo mobile project.This framework / apps are not supported under any maintenance contract available with Odoo, however you can contact us at for the quick support.