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RE: Policy / safety for code updates

Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
- 11/06/2016 21:11:08



The release policy prevents data model and API/ORM changes on stable series, among other things. See policy:

If you intend to keep “Odoo community installation up to date with the latest code changes for that version”, the recommended practice is to install from sources. See source install doc:

But as always, do not fix something that’s not broken. (ie. Do not update to the latest build of your serie if you have not identified that a bug impacting you has been fixed in said later builds)

However, if you are impacted by a bug that has been fixed in a later build of the official branch for your serie (which seems to be your case), the recommendation is that you update (as opposed to applying one independent patch hence making your install/branch unique). As a note, latest build of stable branches must be green at all times at .

Regarding “getting the hang packaging your apps up for public consumption”, it’s as easy as having your Odoo app in a github repo and publishing on Odoo Apps. Apps submission:

Fabrice Henrion

From: Jesse Morgan []
Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2016 4:18 PM
To: Community <>
Subject: Policy / safety for code updates


Hi there,


I have recently started running Odoo 9 Community for my (small at the moment) retail business.

I am also a software developer, and have been increasingly impressed with the platform, framework, API and implementation of Odoo.


I have already begun writing my own small apps to alter functionality.
I plan to make these available once I have stabilized them a bit more and got the hang packaging them up for public consumption.


I have already come across bugs, one which I went to fix myself; but luckily checked the Odoo git repo for Odoo 9 branch first, and found that a fix had already been merged.


It's great seeing how active and open Odoo is.


My question is this: What is the general policy / thoughts on keeping an Odoo community installation up to date with the latest code changes for that version?


Is it generally considered safe to pull the latest merged code changes (for the version you are running, not a version upgrade)


Or is it likely/possible that a code change may introduce issues for an already deployed Odoo installation, due to changes in database structure or some such?


Any suggestions or pointers here would be great!




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