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Odoo payment terminal explanation ?

- 11/05/2016 13:21:28
Hallo everyone,

is there any Specification for payment devices in the odoo Point of sales? How does odoo communicate with this devices ? In case i want to implement my own module to support Credit card payment, is there any standardization or specification for it ?

if i have a payment terminal (Verifone for example) and want odoo make payment through it. How does it atually work if i open the POS with my Tablet for example. should i connect the Payment terminal with the Tablet or the odoo server ?

Is there an addon that support every payment devices ? if not is there a standard specification way to connect to Payement devices ?(sorry for repeting my self)

Can someone help me with some explanation please ?

i already find some module dong that like this one: but they send the payment to the POSbox.(i don't want to use the posbox).

 Thanks in advance

Justice Nanhou