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Re: How to make a theme take preference over all other themes

Amaris, Quentin THEURET @Amaris
- 11/03/2016 09:27:37
Le 03/11/2016 à 13:16, ivange larry a écrit :
> Hi all
Hi Ivange,
> I have a custom module for our project that has many odoo modules as 
> dependencies. I also have another custom theme module that customizes 
> my login screen and it works perfectly. The problem is after 
> installing this login customization module and install my other module 
> that has a lot of dependencies, it looks like one of the dependencies 
> overrides the change on the login page and it goes back to the odoo 
> default login page. I'd have to uninstall my login customization 
> module and reinstall for it to work again. How do I make this theme 
> take preference over all other themes.
Maybe your other module should have a dependency on your theme module. 
With that, your other module will install/update the theme module each 
time it is updated.

> Also I would love for this theme to installed on database creation. I 
> have looked at the base module and it used the auto_install=True, I 
> tried that but instead I started having server errors on startup.
Which kind of errors have you ?