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Re: Update product qty on internal locations

- 11/02/2016 17:34:55
Use inventory adjustments - that way all the moves/ quants and accounting entries are created for you

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From:        Kristian Koci <>
To:        "Community" <>
Date:        03-11-16 09:38 AM
Subject:        Update product qty on internal locations


On Odoo v9c

How can I update all product quantites on specific internal locations?

I have a .csv with over 12.000 items, these are already inside Odoo as products, but I need to update the quantities and where these quantities are.

Btw, the locations are already on the instance too.

So it is just a matter of updating the product quantities on every location.

I thought about uploading this on stock.quant menu, or product.template

I'm not really sure.

Any help?



Kristian Koci
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