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Re: How to handle Each/Box/Case scenarios on the same sku?

Apertoso, Jos De Graeve
- 11/02/2016 03:43:09
Hello Sean,

There are two separate concepts in odoo regarding packaging.  Because they overlap in terminology they can confuse you quite a bit:

Both options are set on the configuration of the warehouse application

1. Products / Packaging Methods -> Manage available packaging options per products

This allows you to set on a product several packaging options.  Each packaging option can have its own ean code ( box, case, envelope, ... ).  Odoo still keeps inventory on a unit level, per piece in your case.  Main functionality is that on a sale order the quantity is checked.  If you select the packaging 'BOX', odoo will give a warning if the quantity is not a multiple of 50.

So with this functionality, you can have one product, packaged in several ways.  The different products can share lot information etc.  Imho, there are not many use cases where this functionality is really usefull.  Most of the time, it is easier to just create different products for different packaging methods.

If you want to avoid having multiple product records for the same product but different packaging, you will need to have this packaging information on the purchasing modules as well + have stock quants that track packaging information.  This way odoo will be able to tell you which stock you have on which kind of packages.  You will need some customization for this to work properly.

2. Traceability / Packages -> Record packages used on packing: pallets, boxes, ...

This allows you to store a packaged quantity of products in your warehouse.  Typical use case is pallets.  You can have a certain quantity of a product, with certain product lots etc neatly packaged and wrapped on a pallet.  This pallet can be labeled with a pallet number, and can be stored in a certain product location.

When products are needed, odoo will check if you can take a complete pallet and propose to ship the pallet, instead of individual products.  From a logistics point of view, this complete pallet can be taken from the warehouse and can be transferred ready for shipping.  In case odoo was not aware of the pallet, it might as well propose to take X quantity from one pallet and Y quantity from another pallet, and create extra work to package, label and handle a new pallet.

Another use case for this feature is to track box numbers for outgoing shipping.


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2016-11-01 18:34 GMT+01:00 Sean Gallagher <>:

We are a supplier that sells items by the each, box, as well as case quantity.  I.e. Gloves come 200/case, 50/box, packed in envelopes of 2’s…. We sell them by the case, by the box, and by the each in this case.  Is Odoo configured to handle purchasing/selling, and inventory in this manner?  We are having trouble finding an existing solution that would solve this problem for us.  I appreciate any input anyone might have on this subject as we are currently stuck.




Sean Gallagher

Meadows Medical




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