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Re: Price on sale order

- 11/01/2016 20:33:36
2016-11-02 0:14 GMT+01:00 Kristian Koci <>:
> Dominique, Thank You
> No, well You're right, but, it's not really like that, in the sense that
> these fields should show only tax affected and only not tax affected totals.

Not sure to understand "and only not", and also "affected" sounds strange here.
There is a tax or there isn't a tax.

> The original function, does a total sum, affected or not

No it doesn't. If the report is correctly set you get for each tax, a
line with the tax name, the tax amount and the base amount.
so if you apply a 0% tax, you will get a separate line with the base
amount of all untaxed lines.

> - Subtotal, all lines without taxes (regardless if the products on the line
> are affected or not)

I disagree
> - Total of taxes (amount_tax)

no, tax per tax

> - Total amount, all lines with taxes included.

no base amount for each tax

> The two fields I'm adding are a bit different.
> * Total of tax affected products (only tax affected) Total price plus taxes
= base amount of x% tax + corresponding tax amount

> * Total of tax unaffected products (only products which aren't tax affected)
= base amount of 0% tax

So, unless I make a mistake you already have these numbers straight in
the tax report.
> I don't know if I'm explaining myself accordingly
I understand I probably don't understand ;-)
which is not a problem, if you understand what I said and don't find
it solves your problem. So far