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Mass transfer in stock

nono FUNG
- 10/31/2016 02:40:06
Dear ALL,

Is there any community module for v8 that can handle mass transformation 
at the same time?

The case should be the following information.

1. All products received from supplier will be kept in Location1. After 
recording and checking, products are needed to transfer internally to 

2. Receiving goods from supplier and internal transformation are 
operated in different time.

3. For our routes setting in Odoo,   it will generated two "Transfers" 
in Stock Moves automatically after confirming a PO. One is supplier -> 
Location1, and the other one is Location1 -> Location2

4. When you click the shipment in PO, there is just one "Transfer" from 
supplier to Location1 there.

To do this internal transformation, we find the specific product in 
Stock Moves list view or All operations and process entirely. But if 
there are many products from different POs needed to internal transfer , 
it is kind of mess and inefficient to process one by one.