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Re: Howto upgrade database in Docker

Apertoso, Jos De Graeve
- 10/24/2016 11:52:07

2016-10-24 14:43 GMT+02:00 Mario Gielissen <>:
Odoo docker image can be upgraded with 'docker run --volumes-from old-odoo -p 8070:8069 --name new-odoo --link db:db -t odoo', but howto deal with database upgrade?

Hi Mario,

Best practice is to use "throw-away" docker containers.  In other words, use a external volume for all data that you want to keep.  In the case of odoo, we create a mount point on "/srv/odoo" and start odoo with the option '--data=/srv/odoo'.  That way, all attachments are stored outside of the docker container.  

If you want to have your odoo data available to all nodes, you can use something like this: or something like glusterfs.

In order to update odoo to a new version, just build a new docker image, and start a new container with it.

If you need to update your database, just start odoo with the "--database=yourdbname --update=your,list,of,modules,needing,an,update" option.

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