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Re: accouting and the changes in v9 v10

Ferdinand Gassauer
- 10/22/2016 17:55:26
On 2016-10-22 19:29, moulay rachid Hachimi wrote:
i've noticed that in v9 and v10  in compare to v8 there are many functionalities that are not anymore

1-- journal items: it is not present anymore in v9 -v10 ,,this is very sad as many accountnat used it to do their work directly without passing to make eah entry alone

2--passing open balance and entries to new fiscal year:  basicly in v8 there was a place where you can parameter your account type ,it was in accouting-->configuration-->accounts-->account type  .here you can make Deferral Method .
there is a postgres table account_account_type with a field include_initial_balance.
and definitions in and account_view.xml
but apparently direct menu to access this object.

if anyone can help me understand v9-10 ,it will be great 


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