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Re: accouting and the changes in v9 v10

Simpl!t ME, Ali Zuaby
- 10/22/2016 05:49:46


Journal entries are there in both versions, but when you activate developer mode...along with other non developer view such as inventory at date report.

I've looked up what other views are tied with technical settings and created module to fix that.

Don't know if it's a real error or access rights grouping.


On Oct 22, 2016 12:29 PM, moulay rachid Hachimi <> wrote:
i've noticed that in v9 and v10  in compare to v8 there are many functionalities that are not anymore

1-- journal items: it is not present anymore in v9 -v10 ,,this is very sad as many accountnat used it to do their work directly without passing to make eah entry alone

2--passing open balance and entries to new fiscal year:  basicly in v8 there was a place where you can parameter your account type ,it was in accouting-->configuration-->accounts-->account type  .here you can make Deferral Method .

if anyone can help me understand v9-10 ,it will be great 


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