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Opting Customers IN and OUT of Chatter during Sales Cycle?

Ray Carnes
- 10/21/2016 16:17:49



Using either version 9 or version 10.


We know that Customers who log into the portal can see Chatter (email messages) below their Quotes, etc.


Some of this chatter is between the Customer and the Salesperson, so it makes sense to show this here.


Notes are internal so it makes sense not to show them here.  System Notifications are also not shown – makes sense.


What about email messages between the Salesperson and Engineering, for example?  What are people doing when the Sales person wants to ask Engineering a question about a Quote (how many hours are needed to install) but doesn’t want the Customer to see this exchange?

Even if they are removed as a follower before the message is sent, and added back after the message is sent, they will still see the message when the log in to the portal.


Any ideas?




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