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Functionality to set discount for particular amount of products to be sold

XPANSA, Oleg Kuryan - Chief Technical Officer, Xpansa Group
- 10/21/2016 11:24:43
Dear Community,

I'm wondering if there is the following functionality available somewhere in Odoo:
1) Customer has in stock 500 products
2) He defines promotion like "first 100 products from stock will have discount 15%. Promotion is valid from 25 of December till 31 of December".
3) When Sales Orders are created manually in Odoo Backend system automatically applies proper discount until (a) 100 products are sold  and (b) date of promotion is valid

Is there any such module available? I tried to browse around OCA addons and googling, but no luck. Basically I can name this module as "Flexible Promotions Management".