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Questions on new Quality module in 10 EE

Karsten Eberding
- 10/20/2016 09:11:29

here is a question regarding quality checks on incoming control points in the new Quality module in V10:

For example, I configure 3 quality control points x,y,z for products A and B for incoming operation. Receiving 3 units of product A with serial number 1,2 and 3, and 2 units of product B with serial number 4, 5 will trigger the following 6 checks:
- product A: check x,y,z
- product B: check x,y,z

There is only one check for 3 products A and one for 2 products B. How would I take measurements for a product, if only one measure is recorded for multiple products? I would expect to have a check for each individual product and serial number, like
- product A-1: check x,y,z
- product A-2: check x,y,z
- product A-3: check x,y,z
- product B-4: check x,y,z
- product B-5: check x,y,z
For quality checks on manufacturing operations, each check is indeed done for each individual operation and serial number. The only down side is, the default serial number is only applied for the first check. For subsequent checks, the serial number has to be filled in manually.

Thanks for any feedback

Karsten Eberding