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Re: Mexican localization

Daniel Reis
- 10/19/2016 04:04:23

Hello Fabien,

I have a major concern, that IMO is also a business risk for you, that I would like to share:

TL;DR - you really need to release all the model data structures and basic views on the Community edition.

(sorry for the long letter)


One of the problems with all the ERP SaaS offers is the inability to keep access to your documents once you end using that offer. Your access is cut out, and you can't have a running instance of the service elsewhere, at least to access records and documents.

But companies are legally required to keep their records for periods that can vary from 5 to 10 years, sometimes more.

The above makes it ERP SaaS not a viable option for most businesses.

Other Commercial ERP solution to this problem is self-hosting and buy a perpetual license - If I cease paying for the recurring software maintenance fees, I can keep running the last version I licensed for as long as I want.

But Odoo only allows for subscription licenses, so that is not an option.

However, the Odoo had a good counter-argument against that objection:

"we are open source, if you ever want to leave our SaaS offer, you can downgrade to the Community version, run it yourself, and will keep access to all your records and documents. Of course, you will loose the Enterprise features to make you more productive, and the creation of new documents may not be available for some document types. But your document and records will all be there and accessible."

Having localization data structures only in the Enterprise will be block downgrades to Community, and thus cripple the value of the Enterprise offer.

In Odoo Experience Q&A I asked Antony about this downgrade path from EE to CE (specifically on the Helpdesk module), and the answer was a shoulder shrug.

While I can see that not keeping the Helpdesk documents when downgrading is not critical, not being able to reproduce your legal and accounting documents in a downgraded CE instance is critical and a showstopper.

I really hope you consider these points.

Otherwise this can be a reason for a cision between Odoo and community efforts:

sooner or later some Customer will request community development to get their downgrade CE instance minimally operational.

Best Regards

Daniel Reis

De: Fabien Pinckaers <>
Enviado: 19 de outubro de 2016 02:01
Para: Community
Assunto: Re: Mexican localization


We made an agreement with Vauxoo during Odoo Experience to move forward in the cleaning of the accounting localization, and help Vauxoo finance the development and maintenance of the modules.

It will be available to all partners via Odoo Enterprise in a few weeks. (for now, it's no publicly available yet)

We will use part of Odoo Enterprise sales to finance Vauxoo's development and maintenance for the long term. 

It should be ready for v10 in a few weeks. This includes everything: legal statements, esignature of invoices, integration with 3 PAC, esign of POS, different ways to manage addresses, ...

Vauxoo did a huge job already and we/they have some cleaning to do before the release. Both our teams are working together to merge in standard; it's one of our priorities.

The good news is that all the specificities of Mexico will be maintained as an official module; it's a guarantee for customers about evolution of the module in the long term. We will even put it on the SaaS, and upgrade the localisation every two months.

In short: it's coming soon, but I don't think the WIP on the localisation was/is public.



On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 5:17 PM, Maxime Chambreuil <> wrote:
Dear Mexican integrators,

I will be presenting the Odoo accounting features next week in Querétaro:

I am sure questions will come up about the electronic invoicing, so I would like to know:
  • who have a mexican localization
  • which version of Odoo does it support
  • which PAC does it work with
Thank you very much.

Ursa Information Systems Maxime Chambreuil
Project Manager / Consultant

Ursa Information Systems
1450 W Guadalupe Road, Suite 132
Gilbert, Arizona, 85233

Office:     1-855-URSA ERP x 710
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