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Re: Mexican localization

Andi Becker
- 10/18/2016 23:11:13
As the localization efforts of Odoo S.A. seem only to focus on Enterprise Version one question. 

What is with those customers in Mexico who prefer using the community Version instead. Does it mean you try to force them to use now the Enterprise Version as a joint effort with Vauxoo and Odoo S.A. by reinventing or even copying i.e. the Israel translation?

It is very sad that agin the community Versions seems to be cut out piece by piece from future Odoo S.A. developments. Perhaps Fabien can explain what's up!

Why is Odoo together with Vauxoo from Venezuela actually reinventing already existing wheels instead of using already existing resources which come even originally from Mexico! and are proven to work already successfully in Community and Enterprise Version of Version 9. It is great that Israel has already a ready to use solution for Community and Enterprise Edition but Odoo S.A. seems not be happy with that translation - why not? Why do you reinvent the already existing and working Translation? I am really not sure if it is trust or simply the fact that Vauxoo is a premium partner having also some sites in Mexico and Argil only a Reseller with huge experience in Mexico. 

Customers perhaps should have a look very well connected companies who actually work successfully with Odoo in Mexico and are originated in Mexico and doing who did the Mexican translations already for Version 9 and 10, instead of those who try to reinvent, rewrite or simply perhaps even copy existing wheels and have an office perhaps in Mexico, but are located with their bases outside Mexico.

I think it would be much better to reuse the already build Translation of Argil as this one is available for community and Enterprise Version and if Vauxoo really want to do some additional work they could contribute or place some corrections, but I really doubt that this is really needed by the good translation of Argil!

Thanks for mentioning that Israel - Looking forward and will recommend its usage!

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the correct one:

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