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Sync is not working on or SaaS or Self-hosted URL.

Business ERP
- 10/17/2016 02:02:59
Any help on this one is much appreciated.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Clone the framework (
2) Launch the app in Emulator, login and try to sync. Customer sync is not working.
3) Now Build the framework to APK. Build Variant "release" in android studio 2.2.1.
4) Generate the signed APK.
5) Install in Mobile.
6) I can able to Login successfully.
7) Customer created in Odoo stays there and Customer created in Mobile App stays there itself, which is not synced with one another.
8) I have changed the sync value to every 5 minutes and data limit to 12 months and have been tried the sync now. Nothing works.

I have been tested this on Samsung Galaxy On8, Asus Zenfone 2 real mobiles and Nexus 5 on the emulator.

Data sync not working on the emulator also.

Tested with, Self hosted and SaaS platform with 10.0E, 9.0E, 8.0C