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- 10/15/2016 07:46:46
Hi community,

I am using the Web Editor module (in odoo v9) to create webpages, with my own snippets.

I am doing this in a custom module and not Website, since i want to render the pages to the customers not with Odoo, but with my own fast, very large scale rendering engine outside of Odoo.
The aim of my Odoo module is only to create and edit the web pages in the back-end.

I have made my own view files:
  • template.xml file (inspired by Website template)
  • snippet.xml file
  • snippet_options.xml
These files are attached.

My module displays correctly the web editor area and the snippets.

However, when i drop any snippet, it fails and i get this JS debug message: 
Title - Subtitle have not insert action: data-drop-near or data-drop-in web_editor.assets_editor.js:5093

As far as i know the Web Editor module is undocummented (for instance the tag / classes required in the XML templates), and unfortunately the prettified JS file emitting the debug message is  50k+ lines long.

If you know a documentation on this subject, or have any idea of what is wrong in my configuration, I would really appreciate it.

Yann Jacob, iRaiser, Nantes