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Odoo Mobile framework suggestions and license issues

Business ERP
- 10/14/2016 02:26:45
Hi all,

I have a couple questions regarding the Odoo-Mobile framework (

If develop an app with this framework and publish it in Play store, it needs to be free or can I sell it for few dollars? 
Is there any licensing issue with that one?

Do I need to give the code? (By the way, I will contribute back to the community if it goes well and someone needs it :p) This is just for confirmation.

Do I need to mention on the app page that it was created based on Odoo framework? 

Can I completely remove the Odoo branding including the logo and text and make it as my brand? Like we are doing it for community Odoo?

Does the framework work with Odoo9 c+e, 10 c+e?

Thanks for the information you may able to provide.