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first impression of v10 CE

Arjan Duijs
- 10/11/2016 17:33:38
Hi All,
I have been playing a bit with the CE release of 10. Must say i am pretty amazed with the speed increase!
Even on my local machine is tremendously faster then v9!
The web editor looks very solid too, very flexible and easy to understand.
quite pleased with the result and i am definitely converting everything to the new version.
Diving into MRP right as we speak.

the only thing that was a bit of a downer for me is the "untouched" admin panel style.. 
I can imagine the differences in features with the enterprise edition.
but after the all the introduccion videos and the 3 day liveshow is was quite a downer to see the "v8" look-n-feel.. i mean, really?.... and not an updated style more modern (perhaps a striped down enterprise theme to have atleast the idea you are working with a new version)