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Re: Module for logistic / mapping system

Allan Adolfo Maradiaga Lagos
- 10/04/2016 11:42:03
Hi guys,

I'd like to implement something related to georeferencing. e.g. Showing in a map several points representing stores of a business or any other field. I also want to feed odoo with coordinates when I create/edit an store (coming back to the example given)

Thanks in advance

2015-08-30 11:58 GMT-06:00 radina kraeva <>:


Could you please advise - is there an existing module, able to:

-select specific part of an area in a town - for example: town A - street 1,street 2, street 4, street 10 (not necessarily to be next to each other)

- to be able to calculate automatically - how many kilometers (how long) by car should be the journey in order to cover these streets

- able to make notes for some of the addresses

Something like Open Street Map or ArcGIS but more options and better functions

Thank you in advance,


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