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Record rule advice for project teams using Project Expert modules

Bill Ennals
- 10/03/2016 02:00:02
Dear Community,

I'm looking for a record rule that would allow a member of a project to see any sub-projects that are associated with that project and also any tasks that belong to sub-projects of that project.  This is for v8. 

Specifically, I'm using the Project Expert suite of modules (from Eficent, Serpent CS and Matmoz) that provide a full WBS method for project management so I want any users in the team for a Project to be able to see the Phases, Deliverables and Work Packages associated with a Project and also any tasks that have been entered into any of those classes.  I would also like to be able to do this without having to add the team members to each sub-project as in some cases there are a large number of sub-projects.

Kind regards,

Bill Ennals