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Odoo 9 Set Pricelist using several fields (Price Type )

- 09/27/2016 12:01:38
Hi all,

I need to set Sale price lists using a field different from lst_price. 

We need to do this since we handle products in 2 different currencies. 1. Local Currency , 2. USD.

When a Sales Order is created using a price list in USD the prices set in the lst_price are automatically changed to a dollar amount. Which is the behavior of the system. 

The issue here is that I dont want to save my prices in the Local Currency. I would like to save them in USD.

I achieved this in Odoo 8 using advanced price lists and Price Type. Which let me create a new field for the price in USD and link the field to the  Price List  in USD.

I am trying to do the same in Odoo 9, but the price list has been changed and I don't find how to do it.

Any clue on how to do it?

Thanks a lot,

Luis Miguel Sarabia