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Re: AngularJs - VueJS - ReactJS

- 09/27/2016 03:37:46

2016-09-27 5:53 GMT+02:00 Kristian Koci <>:
Has anyone tried to create a custom dashboard with one of the above Javascript frameworks into Odoo?

All of them are quite interesting.

I think that a WebComponents-based framework would be great for Odoo, given the XML syntax nature of its views could be considered such.

However that seems a complete refactor of the base framework (which is IMHO totally needed, to make it it not awesomely slow), but this leads to a dead end: we want a faster and more modern web framework, but the cool web is only evolving enterprise-side, and that does not let us evolve as we could.

In my side, I'm looking for time & resouces to integrate CoffeeScript into Odoo, the same way website_less was in v8, but with debug maps. That would be 100% compatible with current structure and would reduce the code and attract more Python developers to the UI side.

Jairo Llopis