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Re: POS Configuration V9

- 09/25/2016 20:26:25

Thanks i change this line

#'name': usb.util.get_string(printer, 256, printer.iManufacturer) + " " + usb.util.get_string(printer, 256, printer.iProduct)


'name': "POS PRINTER"

in the addons/hw_escpos/controllers/ method connected_usb_devices after that i get another error ValueError: Invalid endpoint address 0x1 from this  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/usb/", line 231, in get_interface_and_endpoint how can i add my device ID in order to make works ? Thanks in advance
On 25.09.2016 16:28, Mario Arias wrote:

This is triggered on hw_escpos when trying to get the printer name.

Just replace with fixed name, or even better take some time and fix it the right way...

If you can't find it let me know and I will try to get exact file name and code, but the last lines in log file should give you all information you need ...


El 25/9/2016 4:52, "Justice" <> escribió:


no i am ust install all the on my ubuntu 16.04 laptop.

with the required modules listen here
On 24.09.2016 18:38, Carlos Rodríguez wrote:
Are you working with a posbox?
2016-09-24 10:47 GMT-05:00 Justice <>:
Hi everyone,

does anyone have experience with printer onfiguration ?

i try to configure an 58MM Thermal Printer (Excelvan) but after 
following the steps in ..

i get an error saying "ESC/POS Error: The device does not support the 
specified langid".

i also try to to change the 
~/openerp/addons/hw_escpos/escpos/ file but i 
dindn't find this file.

can someone help me please ?

Thanks in advance.

Justice Nanhou

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