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Re: Don't Show DB list when go to domain

Md. Tanzilul Hasan Khan
- 09/24/2016 06:20:23
Hello Jos,

Yes, it is dbfilter. db_filter doesn't work. I also have several instances running in local and test servers.

I was looking for a solution if I can directly take the visitor to a db if there is multiple db. But I understand the process now from your details. Thanks.


On Sat, Sep 24, 2016 at 3:43 PM, Jos De Graeve <> wrote:

2016-09-23 20:28 GMT+02:00 Omar Ouhari <>:

use db_filter instead of dbfilter

nope, db_filter does not work, check openerp/tools/

It's confusing, its 'db_name', 'db_user', 'db_password', 'db_host',  'db_port', 'db_template' but dbfilter instead of db_filter


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