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[Announcement] professional print process using Scribus

Anders Wallenquist
- 09/18/2016 08:39:36
We are happy to announce another enhancement to Odoo reporting; the 
Scribus report types. Scribus is a multi plattform FOSS page layout 
program with ability to create high quality PDF for professional printing.

The module uses Scribus pages in sla-format as templates. With a 
notation like the one in e-mail templates its easy to link data from 
Odoo to the report.

The report type Scribus PDF generates PDF-output, Scribus SLA a sla-file 
that you can do touch up to. The SLA-variant can only handle one object 
at a time.

Read more and download:

Happy printing!
Anders Wallenquist
Vertel AB