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RE: Different Debit and Credit amount for Purchase Order in Foreign Currency

PT Saranakulina Intisejahtera , Andy Utomo
- 09/16/2016 01:46:34

For IDR I suggest you should convert idr rate from 1 to 10000

And other currency convert USD = Rate USD / 10000


For example 1 usd = 13000 idr


You set your idr rate = 10000

Your usd = 1.3 usd




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From: Dominique KON SUN TACK
Sent: 16 September 2016 12:33
To: Community
Subject: Re: Different Debit and Credit amount for Purchase Order in Foreign Currency


Not sure to understand your point, instead of screenshot, can you write down all the accounting entries ?

In general, when doing an operation in a foreign currency, ODOO will write the entries in the functional currency, as a result, it will use the rate at the date/time of the operation. So what you describe seems expected and acceptable.

If not, reduce the frequency of currency update (every month instead of every day) ?


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On 16 September 2016 at 11:43, Vojtech from Port Cities <> wrote:
Hi Community, 
I am facing issue with different Credit and Debit value in journal entries, when proceeding purchase order in foreign currency. 
Preconditions: Base currency IDR. Purchase Order for 200 EUR.
Day 1: Exchange rate 1EUR = 0.000068 IDR - receive goods for 200EUR (= 2 941 176.47IDR). System creates Credit journal entries:
Inline image 2

Day 2: Exchange rate 1EUR = 0.000069 IDR - open Vendor Bill for 200EUR (= 2 985 074.63IDR). Odoo should Debit the same account as was Credited in previous step with same amount = Debit Clearing Account  2 941 176.47IDR. But system Debits different amount 2 941 194.03IDR => 17.56IDR difference, that should not be there. 
Inline image 3

Any suggestions?


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