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Re: [Announcement] New report type for printing high quality labels and business cards

Dexciss Technology Pvt Ltd, Apoorv Soral
- 09/15/2016 03:36:15
First of all, it seems to be a great module and I think everybody needs a simple tool that functional people can use to design labels at the time of implementation. This module is the perfect answer for the question.

However, when I installed it and tried to test it, it keeps giving me the error - " RML is not available at specified location or not enough data to print!"

Steps used -

1. Exported the csv from product variant (product.product)
2. used ""Text: coma separated Values (CSV) with keys on line 1""
3. created my label in glabel using the csv (downloaded in Downloads folder)
4. Made a new report under menu Settings > Technical > Reports > New
5. Selected glabel type and bind it with product.product object
6. Saved the report and added it to the print menu
7. Tried to print it from the menu of product variant (product.product)
8. Got the error