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[Announcement] New report type for printing high quality labels and business cards

Anders Wallenquist
- 09/14/2016 12:21:55
We have made a new report type for printing labels and business-cards 
super simple. This module uses the Linux GUI-client gLabels for creating 
a template for a label or Business card. You can then upload the 
template to the report-record or put the template in a module. The 
report works like any other standard report in Odoo.

This is an example XML-record how a simple report are made:



You have to load the template-field in a separate record. You install 
gLabels on your Ubuntu box with sudo apt-get install glabels. This works 
both on workstations and servers, on servers we us the batch-version of 
glabels for PDF-rendering (same install command).

The module also implements a test server action (for the report-record) 
that makes the procedure of creating and testing the template easy and 
fast.  It also lists the name for all fields of the model you have choosen.

GLabels is designed to work with various laser/ink-jet peel-off label 
and business card sheets that you will find at most office supply stores.

Read more and download

Happy Printing!

Anders Wallenquist
Vertel AB