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Set Line as a default graph type

Gaurav Kapse
- 09/12/2016 01:58:57
Dear All,

I want to set the line graph as a default graph type and i am using the below code

<record id="trend_report_view_graph_date" model="ir.ui.view">
            <field name="name"></field>
            <field name="model"></field>
            <field name="arch" type="xml">
                <graph string="Trend Analysis" type="line">
                    <field name="tvalue" type="measure" operator="max"/>
                    <field name="date_of_sampling" type="col" interval="day"/>                  
                    <field name="testname" type="row"/>

But still i am not getting the desired result to set line graph as my default graph.
What else i need to do. Kindly advise.