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Re: "Time and material" or "cost plus" invoicing

Eron Lloyd
- 09/06/2016 09:45:59
Thanks for your help; we've been experimenting with that and will take a closer look. So projects can be treated as the "contract" and tasks are the services...  and possibly even having multiple sales orders reference the same product?

I was reminded of another document describing upcoming changes in Odoo 10 from the recent strategy meeting:
  • Timesheets will be managable from project and task (model project_timesheet will be dropped)
  • Grid view for the timesheets (project, only Enterprise Edition)
That seems to reinforce your recommendation. I guess I will continue on that path and report back if it would be beneficial.



On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 7:32 AM, Ermin Trevisan <> wrote:

Our company is trying to implement invoicing and timesheets based on time and material billing, but running into a number of complications in getting it to work. We're invested heavily in Odoo at this point for other functionality, but this particular item is not working and the documentation on it is alarmingly empty!

Primarily, we are finding it impossible to attach timesheets to multiple types of services on the same invoice. We figured we could enter time based on sales orders and the type of service rendered for that period and customer, but it appears only one analytical account can be used per invoice?
If you want to manage multiple services in one sales order, you have to set your service products to "create tasks and track hours" mode. This way, Odoo automatically creates tasks from the sales order lines and a covering project. You are able to modify the settings in the projects and tasks after creation, but you can also set up a project and task before and assign them accordingly. Check this link from the documentation:

From what I understand, there used to be a Contracts module that allowed for this to operate as expected, but that's disappeared and a number of people have expressed dismay since. Is this gone for good, are there specific reasons why, and what's the plan for V. 10?
You can easily use sales orders (as standing orders) and/or projects in relation with analytical accounts in order to replace the former contracts (with or without prepayments). See and this might also help:

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