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"Time and material" or "cost plus" invoicing

Eron Lloyd
- 09/05/2016 22:08:12

Our company is trying to implement invoicing and timesheets based on time and material billing, but running into a number of complications in getting it to work. We're invested heavily in Odoo at this point for other functionality, but this particular item is not working and the documentation on it is alarmingly empty!

Primarily, we are finding it impossible to attach timesheets to multiple types of services on the same invoice. We figured we could enter time based on sales orders and the type of service rendered for that period and customer, but it appears only one analytical account can be used per invoice?

From what I understand, there used to be a Contracts module that allowed for this to operate as expected, but that's disappeared and a number of people have expressed dismay since. Is this gone for good, are there specific reasons why, and what's the plan for V. 10?

I'd appreciate any insight into this headache!