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Re: Odoo 9 - Difference between expenses and invoices

Jerome Sonnet
- 08/30/2016 12:47:39

Can you be more specific on what you mean ? The tax from a fiscal point of view are different but from a software/process point of view shouldn't they be equal ?

Here is an example which will I hope make my point clearer. 

Here is an account mouvement that results from an invoice, as you can see, this move line is tagged in the Taxes field with the tax that has been applied.

Therefore if I do a report on move lines using this field, I can derive the tax base from this field.

Inline images 1

My point is that if I do the exact same expense, with the exact same tax using the HR Expense, this Taxes field is empty, due to a difference of process in the generation of the account move lines. My report is then inaccurate.

Don't you think at this stage both should generate the same movements ?

During the last Code Summer of OCA a report based on this field has been designed, which lead me to this problem.


On 29 August 2016 at 19:56, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:

taxes are not the same on invoices and expenses.
Do you mean you try to do as if they were the same ?

2016-08-29 18:27 GMT+02:00 Jerome Sonnet <>:
> Hello community, > > Working on a tax report I came to the conclusion that there is a difference > between the entries generated by the invoices and those generated by the > expenses. > > Look there I did a PR that fix this to do the same in both situation - >
> > Have any of you already encountered that issue ? How did you fix it ? > > Best regards, > > Jerome > > _______________________________________________ > Mailing-List: > Post to: > Unsubscribe:
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