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Re: Issue Show HTML view on Website

Md. Tanzilul Hasan Khan
- 08/27/2016 10:59:21
Sorry, I found the solution. I did silly mistake. Should use - 

<span t-esc = 'website.imprint_html'/>


On Sat, Aug 27, 2016 at 8:50 PM, MD Tanzilul Hasan Khan <> wrote:
I have a field at backend which is fields.Html type . I am trying to show it on frontend of website. But It isn't showing

imprint_html = fields.Html('Imprint Text')

<span t-esc = 'imprint_html'/>
<span t-raw = 'imprint_html'/>

I tried, t-esc, t-raw to call the field but the content is not showing up.

Can anyone please suggest a solution?

MD. Tanzilul Hasan Khan.

MD. Tanzilul Hasan Khan.